Chorten kora festival


A festival where circumambulation is the essence, the Chorten Kora Tsechu honors, the sacrifice of a pious Dakini princess from neighboring Arunachal Pradesh in India, who entombed herself alive when the chorten was constructed, as the Yeshe Semba, to meditate on behalf of all beings.

There are two major circumambulation events. The first is Dakpa Kora (circumambulation of the Chorten by the Dakpas, people from Tawang in neighboring Arunachal Pradesh) held on the 15th day of the first lunar month, and a Drukpa Kora (circumambulation of the Chorten by the Bhutanese) festival held at the end of the first lunar month which celebrates the stupa.

Trips details

Venue: Chorten Kora
Total Duration: 12 days
Other places: Western, Central and Eastern Bhutan
Entry: Paro
Exit: Guwahati